Bagshot – 2020 proved to be an “interesting” day.

Designed to be a practice session to attempt to get the know the car some more, it turned into a day of ups and downs.

Run 1: Started off nicely – hit the “back straight” and the when changing gears the car died.. nothing at all. Pulled over – triangles at the ready – opened the bonnet and the high tension lead on the distributor was missing! Plugged it back in and we were ready to go.

Run 2: Satisfactory – getting a feeling of the car.

Run 3: It had stared to rain, but the track was still dry – faster than run 2 – and some tidier lines. The video is below.

Run 4: Reverse direction – it has now been raining persistently for around an hour – and the track is now a quagmire. The video shows that we were slipping and sliding right around the track, with no useful knowledge gained! Just lots of opposite lock. The engine missing at lower revs didn’t help at all.

Run 5: Engine missing at low revs was getting worse, and as soon as I was “on the Cam”, the rear would just spit and spin. The track spat me out at the one point and gave a good impression of tipping me over as it dug into a culvert. (well – it felt like that anyway – no video to tell)

And that was the end of the day. We pulled the pin after this run, and the organisers pulled the pin as well.

Thanks to Mark Laidlay for sitting in the left hand seat for this one.

Thanks Browne Bear Photography, Live Love Rally (Craig O’Brien) and John Doutch for the photos.