The rebuild continues.
The story told in pictures from the time it entered the workshop to it’s first test drive.

Plan B – I need to do a reshell. But with what?
The story unfolds…

Why rebuild?

With the “Parrot” car now performing well, and me being able to drive it, rather than it driving me, why spend the time and money doing a complete rebuild?

This post shows you why…

Michael Ward’s first rally in 1977 was something to forget. In a basically standard Mini and with a novice navigator, they placed last by a LONG WAY. So he “retired” until he could compete in something approaching a prepared car.

In the late 1970s he was able to use his “daily driver”, a KE20 Toyota Corolla with marginally beefed up suspension, half cage and 4 point harnesses. After running a few events on road tyres, he even managed to run some mud and snow tyres and was able to afford another road car, allowing for this to be a full-time rally machine. This car met its end buried in a large tree somewhere in the Daylesford/Trentham area after understeering off a wet greasy road. Not much was salvageable apart from the brand new Cibie Super Oscars!