Why rebuild?

The “Parrot” Car was finally doing what I wanted it to do, and I was starting to feel like I was driving it, rather than it driving me.

That took a turn for the worse in the 2013 Nissan Nightmoves.

The first stage started of really well – a long straight followed by a few corners into a spectator point where I clipped the apex nicely with a good amount of speed, up the road – right left and then there was a “Y” junction…

We were navigating on a map, which didn’t show this junction!

“Which way?”, was my question…

“I don’t know!” was the answer!

By the time I picked left, I was in the loose stuff – couldn’t catch it and hit the bank – hard.

On the night, it didn’t look “too” bad – the wheel had moved back into the wheel well, and there appeared to be only cosmetic damage to guards, bumper bar and a few things underneath.

Possible to fix? – Probably…

Plan A was put into action!


In 2014, the Classic Outback Trial was going to be held. And I wanted to be part of it.

For this I would need a strong car.

On closer inspection, I found the “Parrot” was getting very tired. Cracks were appearing where they shouldn’t be and repairing to a standard for the COT, would really mean a total rebuild.

Maybe it would be better to “reshell”.

Here’s some of the fatigue/damage that was found when the “Parrot” was stripped…

LH A pillar. Cracked!

LH A pillar. You can see at the base of the windscreen there’s are large crack. This is fatigue, not due to the crash.

LH sill – smashed and bashed from many events

LH sill – toward the rear of the car

rust eating its way through the rear window.

rear rail – the spot wells are corroded

and are not holding together

like they’re supposed to!

Lots of remedial work would have been required

Many years of rallying has put

a strain on the floor

LH wheel well – impact damage and cracking

would need a large amount

of remedial work.

LH wheel well – exterior

LH wheel well – interior – you can see the cage supports have moved!

I had purchased another KE55 hardtop some time back for “spares”, and this had been sitting in the driveway for way too long.

Plan B was born – let’s reshell using the “purple car”…

To be continued!