Plan B involved a reshell using a KE55 hardtop I’d purchased back in September 2012.

It had been sitting in my driveway for way too long, and now it was time to strip it and see how much rust there was.

While the floor pan proved to be very solid, the rest was too far gone for a proper restoration!

Time to look elsewhere…

Plan C!

Looking on eBay I found another KE35 in Canberra. The photos looked good, and I had my brother go have a look at it. He reported back that it was pretty solid, so I purchased that.

Rob Cranston answered a call for anyone who could help transport the car back to Melbourne, and the next day it was sitting in my driveway!

Quickly stripped (always quicker the second time!) there was much less rust than the purple one.

In Part 3  – off to Tayell Automotive for a full rebuild…